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Early Retirement Advice

Approach early retirement with a cool head
by seeking out practical financial advice.

Early retirement planning - 3 pink piggy banks - Torphin Financial PlanningGet Early Retirement Planning Advice from Edinburgh Independent Financial Adviser

Taking early retirement may seem like a good option if you no longer enjoy your job, or feel that your health will benefit once you’re away from the workplace. The thought of long, lazy days in the garden and doing the things you really want to do may seem tempting.

However, it’s important to approach early retirement with a cool head and seek out practical financial advice to ensure you can afford it. Torphin Financial Planning, Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) in South Edinburgh, can give you the early retirement advice you need.

What do I Need to Know About Planning for Early Retirement?

There are some key things you need to think about when considering planning for early retirement:

  • The earliest you can start to draw a workplace pension is at age 55.
  • There are State Pension Age changes from December 2018. See more details…
  • Your workplace pension will be one of two types – a defined contribution pension, or a defined benefit pension. Torphin Financial Planning can help guide you through this.
  • Is there an option for voluntary redundancy before you reach your workplace pensionable age?
  • The earliest you can start to draw a state pension is at state retiring age (currently 65) so you will need to makes sure you have enough income, at least until then.

Looking to Take Early Retirement? Contact Torphin Financial Planning, Edinburgh

Early retirement can often seem like an extremely attractive option and very often it can be the right course of action for you to choose. You will need the right advice, however, from an Independent Financial Adviser who understands early retirement planning.

Contact Torphin Financial Planning at our South Edinburgh office. We look forward to hearing from you.