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Our Investment Philosophy

A personal service with regular investment review
meetings, so we really understand your financial
needs and concerns.

At Torphin we have more time to spend managing your personal financial needs because we partner with leading stockbrokers and they actively manage your investments to maximize their returns.

This approach to managing our clients’ investment  frees us up to provide a personal service with regular investment review meetings, so that we really understand your financial needs and concerns. We aim to provide honest, informed and dependable financial advice, based on long lasting relationships.

At Torphin, we are concerned with the financial well being of our clients in a more holistic way:

  • Whether you have made wills,
  • Set up lasting Powers of Attorney, and
  • Have protected your hard earned savings by planning to protect your estates from Inheritance Tax or Long Term Care costs.

Our unique approach to investment management and financial advice is different from most other financial advisers who tend to take one of these two approaches:

  1. They do not provide advice on investing directly in the stock market but select a range of unit trust funds. In practice, the selected funds often remain unchanged for many years despite changing economic conditions, unless the adviser reviews them at least annually.
  2. Or they provide restricted investment advice from a limited panel of unit trusts, limiting choice and performance. The funds are most likely to be manged in-house or where the firm has a financial interest in the funds being offered.

Torphin provides uniquely independent investment advice by partnering with stockbrokers

These approaches often involve limited choices, expertise and management of investments, which means that noone is monitoring the client’s funds and portfolios effectively on a daily basis. Changes cannot be made quickly to reflect new market conditions, and financial advisers often do not have the required systems and qualifications.

As a firm Torphin Financial Planning decided that this approach does not maximise investment returns and serve our clients best interests.

That’s why we work closely with a range of knowledgeable, local stockbrokers (as Discretionary Fund managers) who manage our clients’ investments and pensions, and provide daily monitoring of portfolios.

The deal is quite simple. The stockbrokers want to manage money and not people, and at Torphin we want to work closely with clients without having to manage your savings on a daily basis.

This Torphin investment partnership works very well and allows us more time to meet you on a regular basis, and really address your financial concerns.

If you have any financial or investment concerns, please contact us for a free, no-obligation initial meeting by emailing or calling 0131 440 8250 us.